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6 tips for weight loss

by GuoxinWei on May 10, 2021

  "Weight loss" has been the problem of many people, want to lose weight fast, knowledge must be understood comprehensively, today to share six cold knowledge, don't tell me, you don't know?

  1. fat is not necessarily meat to eat more, but starch and high sugar, high oil food to eat more

  Most of the nutritional composition of meat is, water, protein, fat, vitamins, inorganic substances and so on, if not a lot of fatty meat consumption, meat inside the most important components are water and protein.

  Moisture is essential for the human body, and protein is the material basis of life, organic macromolecules, is the basic organic matter of the composition of the cell, is the main bearer of life activities, no protein is no life, but it is also the body's essential nutrients, the necessities of muscle gain, so fat is not eating meat to eat more.

  Eat food containing high starch will cause the body fat, starch in the body will be converted into sugar, too much sugar in the body, it will be converted into fat, if not exercise not to consume and control the diet, will cause fat hoarding, thus causing the body fat symptoms, eat high sugar, high oil food is the same reason, it is easy to get fat.

  2. always see dry food not fat people, eat more is not easy to fat, and very thin, in fact, is not the time

  We all know that "weight loss" is not an easy thing, but "fattening" is also a matter of time, for one thing, the intake is greater than the amount of exercise plus the basal metabolism, it will certainly cause fat accumulation. Second, dry food is not fat for only one reason, their own basal metabolism is high, not enough to eat. Third, with the growth of age, if you do not go to exercise, the basic metabolism will slowly reduce, if you still eat a lot of words, fat will also slowly accumulate.

  3. Drink less water will also grow fat

  Fat loss is the most important metabolism of fat, and water is involved in the metabolism of almost all nutrients in our body, the same fat burning metabolism requires a lot of water to participate, the more you eat, the greater the amount of water consumption in the body, the human body in the case of water deficiency, will reduce metabolism, affecting the speed of weight loss, and even lead to excessive fat accumulation in the body, so if you do not drink enough water, the same will make people fat.

  4. Sweating is not the same as weight loss

  Exercise will sweat, many people will wear sweaty clothing, and some will even wrap cling film, all think that the more sweat, the better the weight loss effect, in fact, this is not the case, sweating and weight loss is not a concept, the movement will promote the body to consume fat, and sweating is only to help the body in cooling down, can not sweat the number of sweat, to determine the effect of weight loss is good.

  Sweat glands only excrete water, salt and metabolic waste, while the key point of weight loss is to lose body fat, the main component of fat is triglycerides, mainly through a lot of exercise and a small amount of intake, to lose the corresponding components, the peroxide metabolism of triglycerides accelerated during exercise, in fact, most of the body's fat is discharged through respiration, and sweating is mainly just the loss of body water. When thirsty after training, replenish a lot of water, the weight will return to the previous appearance.

  5. Eat less is not the same as low calories

  The main thing about "weight loss" is the calorie gap, the bigger the calorie gap, the better the weight loss effect, a large pot of boiled vegetables calories, is just equal to a small piece of fried chicken calories, so eating less does not mean eating low calories, say goodbye to high oil, high fat, high sugar food, eat more low-calorie, satiety food, more help to lose weight.

  6. fat loss are the whole body, there is no local weight loss methods

  Many people are affected by local fat, so you will always hear some people say, I just want to reduce the stomach, arms too thick to lose the bye meat, to slim calves and so on, but in fact the body is a whole, fat is consumed through the movement to reach the whole body, there is no local weight loss method, it is impossible to retain a place of fat, and simply lose a part of the fat, just like no one can put the swimming pool Local water pumping out the same.