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Arnold recommends where to exercise

by GuoxinWei on June 13, 2021

  Arnold’s recommendation is a well-known exercise, and it is also a very effective exercise. Of course, if a person often does Arnold’s recommendation, there are many benefits, but there is a particular need to do Arnold’s recommendation, but many people don’t know where Arnold’s recommendation exercises. . So, where does Arnold recommend training? Let's learn about Arnold's recommendation!

  Where does Arnold recommend exercise?

  anterior and middle deltoids.

  Arnold recommends the right approach

  Preparation: Holding a dumbbell in both hands, raise the dumbbell to shoulder height, with elbows at your sides, palms facing you.

  Action Essentials: Slowly raise the dumbbell over your head, do not lock it completely, and at the same time rotate your hand, turning your thumb inward, so that your palm faces forward at the apex of the movement. Hold for a while in this final position and then perform the reverse movement. Lower the dumbbell slowly while turning your hand to restore it to the initial state of the movement.

  Action description: Do not use any force, make sure that the dumbbells are completely under your control. This action is composed of half a flat lift and half a press.

  Arnold recommends common mistakes

  Error: Shrugging, the elbow joint is overstretched and locked at the top of the lift, the arms are not turned from the front of the body to the sides of the body during the press.

  Solution: Keep the shoulder joint stable, keep the elbow joint slightly flexed, and turn the arms from the front of the body to the sides of the body.

  Arnold recommends matters needing attention

  1. Try not to push to the highest point where the arms are fully extended, otherwise the elbow joints are fully extended and locked, and the deltoid muscles will not exert much force. The weight is almost completely supported by the bones. If you stop before straightening the elbow joint and start lowering the dumbbells, the effect of the exercise will be greatly enhanced.

  2. The movement needs to be strictly completed to ensure that the dumbbells are completely under your control.

  3. Don't focus too much on lifting the dumbbells above your head, otherwise your arms will start to shake and tend to take advantage of force.