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Back Muscle Exercise Eight Actions Diagram

by GuoxinWei on June 14, 2021

  If we exercise regularly, it will help a lot of people's body, and after exercise, we can improve our physical fitness, and at the same time, we can shape our body. How to exercise the back muscles, you can exercise the abdomen by wide-grip pull-ups, sitting pull-downs and other movements. So, what are the eight major movements of back muscle exercise? Let's take a look at the actions together!

  1. Wide grip pull-ups

  Wide grip pull-ups is one of the exercises suitable for back muscles. It can exercise the outer and upper sides of the latissimus dorsi to make the muscle lines of the back more beautiful. When doing pull-ups, you need to use the horizontal bar, hold the horizontal bar with both hands, the distance is wider than the shoulders, slowly stretch the body upward, then slowly downward and repeat.

  2. Sitting down

  Sitting and pulling down can exercise the outer and upper sides of the lats. When doing this, you need to use a back puller. Hold the handles of the equipment with both hands. You are sitting on a stool and slowly pull the bar down to your shoulders. Position, stay for 3 seconds and then slowly put it upwards.

  3. Standing straight, arm pull down

  Standing straight arm pull-down motion can exercise the underside of the latissimus dorsi. When doing this motion, you need to maintain a standing posture, face the equipment, hold the back puller with both hands, slowly pull down to the thigh, and slowly Slowly put it back. Pay attention to inhale when you need to pull down, and exhale when you restore.

  4. Narrow grip pull-ups

  Narrow-grip pull-ups can exercise the outside and underside of the lats, similar to wide-grip pull-ups, but you need to hold the handles of the horizontal bar with your arms as wide as your shoulders. Slowly stretch your body upwards. This action can make The muscles of the shoulders are firmer and fuller.

  5. One-arm barbell rowing

  The one-arm barbell rowing exercise mainly exercises the middle part of the lats. You can practice the two shoulders separately to solve the problem of back muscle asymmetry. To do this, you need to support one foot on the ground, one hand on the bench to fix the body, and the other hand to slowly pull the barbell back.

  6. Barbell leaning over and rowing

  The barbell leaning over and rowing can also practice the middle of the latissimus dorsi, with your feet shoulder-width apart, and your hands clasp the barbell, lean forward at a 45-degree angle to the ground, slowly pull the barbell upwards, and your back needs to be tightened. , Otherwise there is a risk of injury.

  7. Goat standing up

  Goat standing up can exercise the lower part of the back muscles. It can be practiced on professional equipment or on a bench or yoga mat. Using the lower abdomen as a borrowing point, sink the body and slowly use the strength of the back. Quite, after reaching the highest point, pause for 2 seconds and repeat.

  8. Bending with weight

  Weight-bearing bowing can also practice the back muscles. Separate your feet and shoulder-width apart, place the barbell behind your back, hold the barbell with both hands, and use the strength of your back to lift the barbell. This action needs to stand up and raise your head, do not bow your waist and hold your chest, so as not to achieve better results.