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Best Protein Bottle

by GuoxinWei on May 24, 2021


  Throw out the old stinky plastic bottle and say hello in the kitchen with the odorless Voltrx electric shaker bottle. The blender at the bottom of the Voltrx has a powerful vortex feature for enhanced blending, so your protein shakes or other quick drinks can be mixed perfectly and enjoyed smoothly. The hand loop on the lid makes it easy to carry and the bottle has a scale so you can measure the amount you add.

protein shaker

  The Voltrx is ideal for all protein shaker bottle. the portability of the Voltrx makes going to the gym a great way to not only work out and get your protein fix, but also to the office, travel, pool, gym, beach, hiking, yoga, sports, parties and a few other places you want to go.