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Can frequent hula hoops reduce my stomach?

by GuoxinWei on July 02, 2021

  I believe everyone is very familiar with hula hoops. Hula hoops are a common sports equipment in life, and there are many benefits of hula hoops. Of course, if we use hula hoops frequently, it will help us a lot. So, can frequent hula hoops reduce my stomach? Let's take a look at whether the hula hoop can reduce your stomach!

  Can I lose my stomach by turning a hula hoop?

  Hula hoop can reduce stomach. When turning the hula hoop, the exercise time is extended and it is a continuous exercise, reaching the stage of aerobic exercise, so that the body's stored fat and excessive calories can be consumed. In addition, turning the hula hoop can not help the peristalsis of the intestines, promote the digestion of the intestines and stomach, but also help to smooth the bowel movement, so as to effectively prevent constipation. In addition, turning a hula hoop can also speed up the blood circulation of the body!

  Why hula hoop can lose belly

  When turning the hula hoop, it burns the whole body fat. The strength used in the waist and abdomen is stronger than the other parts, and the degree of thinness is the most obvious. Moreover, turning the hula hoop can promote gastrointestinal motility and can be used to promote gastrointestinal The accumulation of garbage and the discharge of waste are very helpful for reducing the belly.

  How to turn a hula hoop to lose weight

  Long-lasting turning hula hoop is an aerobic exercise, it can consume abdominal fat and reduce belly, but if it is only a short turn, it is only an anaerobic exercise, it will not consume excess calories, and it will also cause muscles. Soreness, damage to the internal organs, if you want to lose weight through the hula hoop, you must persevere.

  The best time to exercise the hula hoop

  Generally speaking, you must insist on turning hula hoop for at least 30 minutes, not more than 45 minutes, and rest for more than 10 minutes every 20 minutes or so. Perform 2-3 sets; 4-6 times a week, reduce belly by turning hula hoop At the same time, reasonable diet control is also necessary. It is not advisable to turn the hula hoop in a hungry state on an empty stomach or within a short period of time after a meal, which can easily cause hypoglycemia or gastrointestinal discomfort.