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Can women lose weight by running at home?

by GuoxinWei on July 01, 2021

  In exercise, running in place is a simple and easy exercise. Of course, running in place has many benefits, such as exercising leg muscles, relieving high blood pressure, etc., but running in place is also exquisite, but there are many People don’t know if running in place can lose weight. So, can women lose weight by running at home? Let's take a look together below!

  Can women lose weight by running at home?

  Running in place can lose weight, but only if the exercise lasts for about forty minutes or more, the fat in the human body will be mobilized together with glycogen for energy. If the time continues to extend, then the amount of energy supplied by fat can reach 85% of the total. Therefore, if the exercise is less than 40 minutes, regardless of the intensity, the fat consumption will not be too obvious. Only by consuming fat can the effect of weight loss be achieved.

  The correct posture for running in place

  Although it is running in one place, so that the whole body is in a state similar to running, in order to meet the requirements, the running posture and outdoor running posture requirements are actually the same when running. In short, when running in situ, you should be relaxed and free to coordinate the movements of all parts of the body effectively and maintain a good balance posture.

  1. Head posture:

  Raise the head slightly, look straight ahead, relax the head and neck muscles.

  2. Arm posture:

  Stretch your chest, tuck your abdomen, flex your elbows, lift your shoulders slightly, bend your arms to 90 degrees, and swing back and forth naturally. When you swing forward, your hands are slightly inward, and when you swing backward, your elbows are slightly outward. Don’t show your elbows, and keep your hands behind. This determines the efficiency of your running and also reduces safety. Also, be careful not to shrug your shoulders when you are tired from running. You can shake your shoulders to relax.

  3. Leg posture:

  When swinging the lower limbs forward, lift the thighs forward and upward as much as possible, and keep the feet above the ground at least 20 cm. This can make the abdominal muscles tense, the inner belly is lifted, and the breathing is even, slender, full and rhythmic.

  However, you should raise your legs moderately, and you can't blindly pursue stride length and frequency. Increasing the stride length will inevitably result in a long flight time, a large fluctuation in the center of gravity, and a heavy landing force. This will increase the vibration to the human body and cause unnecessary damage over time.

  4. Landing posture:

  The calf is relaxed and drooping naturally, the toes are lightly landed, the heel is lifted, the heel does not touch the ground, the rebound force is used to make the movement rhythmically. Many people are accustomed to landing with their soles on the ground when running. In fact, this method of landing is not scientific. Because there is no cushion when landing, it will have a great impact on the body.

  Also, avoid internal and external horoscopes. When running, when the foot falls on the "inner horoscope" or "outer horoscope", then the knees and toes cannot be kept in the same direction, which will increase the burden on the knee joints and cause knee joints in the long run. And other parts of the injury.