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Can't feel the biceps firing how to do

by GuoxinWei on May 17, 2021


  Exercise biceps action is particularly large, biceps is a big hit in our muscle training. We do some action when you need biceps force, the action to do, but some people do not feel the biceps force. So you think you can't feel the biceps force to do it? Here we go together to see it!

  A, understand the function of the biceps

  We have to know is that in our fitness training, if you want to train a certain part of the muscle, then we first need to know, is the function of that part of the muscle. Because only know the function of our muscle contraction force, we can make us in training, better to complete the corresponding training actions, so that their muscles to be better stimulated. In the same way, if we want to train our biceps, the first thing we need to know is the function of our biceps when contracting and firing.

  Generally speaking, our biceps in contraction force, the main function has a, that is to let our elbow joint to complete a flexion action, that is, elbow joint bending action. The secondary function of the biceps is two, one to allow their forearms to do an external rotation action, the second is our shoulder joint to do a flexion action, that is, the big arm up. That is to say, in the process of training our biceps, the main action that needs to be completed is the elbow joint flexion of the resistance group, the second action that needs to be completed is the external rotation of the forearm and shoulder joint flexion.

  Second, training to reduce the force of other muscles

  The reason why many of us will not be able to find the biceps feel better in the process of training the biceps, one of the very important reason is that other muscles will be too much force. If we want to reduce the force of other parts of the muscles, then we need to do so 2 points, one is to reduce our body shaking, to stabilize their bodies, and the second is that the amplitude of arm shaking should not be too large, the large arm can have a few centimeters of displacement, too much, it will make our shoulder muscles compensate for the increase.