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Easy-to-clean VOLTRX plastic shaker bottle, very convenient to use

by GuoxinWei on January 17, 2022
Frequent fitness partners must be inseparable from protein powder and protein bottle, so this voltrx electric shaker is definitely your intimate helper after fitness.

Friends who exercise often must be inseparable from protein powder and electric shaker. It is usually necessary to shake vigorously for a while in order to shake well and not clump together. This is normal. If they practice hard. Drinking is really hard, they have to console themselves, shake protein powder is the last exhausted group.

If you are given an electric shaker that does not need to be done by yourself, does not clump, is super silky, and can switch modes, would you still choose a traditional shaker?

Of course the answer is - no ~, the voltrx electric shaker is a high-quality shaker that can liberate your hands and improve efficiency in an all-round way. It is faster and more stable than hand shake, and the stirring effect is better. Non-clumping, non-stick cup, greatly reduces particle size. After thousands of tests and debugging, the motor can fully stir powder and liquid with torque and speed, and it is very quiet in use.

It's easy to use. The base is detachable and comes with a breathing light, which can monitor the power at any time. The switch buttons and charging interface are very clear and concise. Press the button to switch the mode, press and hold to power on, press once to stir for 30 seconds. This is a common time for blending protein powders and other supplements, and the protein powder can be blended without leaving any particles.

Press twice, stir for 100 seconds, clean the cup, and fill it directly with stirring.

After mixing, I believe everyone knows that it is also very important to wash the cup after drinking protein powder. If you don't wash it properly, it will smell bad. Compared with using a sponge brush cup, automatic stirring can clean up dead corner residue better than manual stirring, saving time and worry.

A full charge can be used continuously for 20 minutes. The battery capacity is good. In addition to supplementing protein powder, it can also be used as a simple blender for beverages including milkshakes, coffee and even some gooey tahini. Put in the powder, pour in the water, press the switch. Easy and convenient in three steps. You can easily enjoy a soft drink in 30 seconds.

The entire material of the voltrx electric shaker is also a very safe and environmentally friendly tritan material, with high strength and no BPA. You can pour cold and hot water. This is safe and secure. The scale on the cup makes it clear how much water is needed for the different pellets. Very convenient, including the tightness of the lid. One-handed opening is perfect for sports scenes.

For the fitness crowd, such a convenient and quick protein drink shaker for brewing protein powder is very necessary. In addition to saving trouble, you can also save a lot of time. The large-capacity and high-strength cups can be brought to the gym and are also suitable for outdoor sports scenes. Available in a variety of colors, this is a must-have premium electric protein shaker for fitness enthusiasts.