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Fitness experts recommend the best electric protein shaker

by GuoxinWei on January 26, 2022


I bought an electric blender shake bottle to mix pre-workout and protein shakes. When I use protein powder, because I use two scoops as a serving state, it's silky, but not unbearable. I only had it for about 3 weeks. So far it's absolutely leak proof, but the plastic seems a bit cheap so I might update it later, it depends. All in all, this is a reasonably priced shake bottle. To wash, I just add a little detergent to the water and press the button. this is very simple.

What a great protein shake you can take with you wherever you go. It also fits perfectly into our car cup holder! My hubby uses the spice bottle all day because he wants to stay hydrated and a certain amount of protein. He also has a very tall straw so he can sip in it as he can't swallow anything. he likes! He drinks everything from ice water to protein shakes and smoothies. Things are already cold, no sweat. Can't wait to get my pink!

These vortex bottles are very easy to use. I powdered it all the time and tossed the protein shake blender in my gym bag and added water at the end of the workout. One thing I hate about protein powders is that some seem to stick to the bottom of your cup all the time. This product solves that problem. After a few seconds, all the powder in the cup will dissolve. The lid will close (albeit with some effort) and look perfectly secure.

I love this electric protein shaker! An electric shaker removes all lumps from protein shakes! Everyone who sees the Voltrx Electric Protein Shaker in my "box" says they want one! I also have an older model. The power of the model can last a long time. My new one is not long enough. I don't know how long this fitness blender bottle will last.

Since the establishment of the electric shaker, I have eliminated the blender water bottle that I used to drink water. I don't go to the gym, so I use it as a water bottle. When you want to drink, you can directly put it into the voltrx high-quality electric protein shaker to stir, which is much more convenient than manually stirring and shaking the electric shaker.

The base of the electric mixer bottle can be firmly placed on the car, which is very convenient to carry. Also, the capacity is large enough to basically cover your water needs for most of the day.