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Fitness need to learn a little nutrition, how easy to match fitness meals?

by GuoxinWei on September 08, 2021


  We know that the six major nutrients in the human body are protein, fat, sugar, vitamins, water and inorganic salts, and of course now dietary fiber has been added to the list, for a total of seven nutrients. Of course we need a balanced mix of food to be able to, this is not related to whether fitness, but for fitness you should pay more attention to the nutrition of food with. Without adequate nutrition of the fitness meal is not enough to support muscle enlargement!

  The human body is missing one of these nutrients, which means that your food needs to provide them. Usually different ingredients do not provide different proportions of nutrients. For example, meat provides much more protein, while vegetables usually provide a little more fiber.

  Let's start with protein, protein is made up of amino acids, if you compare protein to a section of a brick wall, then amino acids are a brick, amino acids make up protein, there are 20 amino acids in the human body, but these 20 amino acids are not all synthesized by your body, they can be roughly divided into three categories: essential amino acids, semi-essential amino acids and non-essential amino acids. Among them, histidine is found to be essential for infants, so there are nine essential amino acids for infants (the rest are eight) and they are all very important and must be taken in through food, which are called essential amino acids. In addition, the body's ability to synthesize arginine and histidine is not sufficient to meet its own needs, so it needs to consume some of them from food, which we call semi-essential amino acids. The other 10 amino acids, which the body can synthesize on its own and do not need to be supplemented by food, are called non-essential amino acids.

  When you know that some amino acids need to be provided by food, what do you naturally associate with foods that can provide all the essential amino acids? Generally speaking, lean animal meat, milk, eggs from poultry, etc., which are richer in essential amino acids, can usually meet all of them. However, many foods do not provide all the essential amino acids, so we need to mix and match them in our regular food.

  We also need sugar, we usually eat white rice, noodles and buns, etc., all contain a lot of starch, they are actually complex sugars, fitness we also mixed with carbohydrates to describe the sugar. Finally we also need essential fatty acids (usually in fats).

  The following are simple dietary combinations that will maximize food nutrition.

  1. grains with seeds, such as bread + sesame or sunflower seeds.

  2. grains with dairy products or lean meats, such as cereal + milk.

  3. grains with legumes, such as rice + soybeans.

  Now you know why fitness needs to eat more eggs and milk, lean meat? The reason is that these foods are rich in essential amino acids, which are beneficial to the body's absorption and used for muscle building. Otherwise, the exercise and then hard, nutrition can not keep up, will not increase muscle, but the more practice the leaner, half of the fitness is practiced, half is eating out.