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Fitness you, protein powder to eat too much fear?

by GuoxinWei on September 11, 2021


  Protein powder eaten too much, in the end, there is no effect on the body? Is our ignorance magnifying its harm? Some people are resistant to the word protein powder, and feel that this type of "medicine" will have adverse effects on the body. I remember that I wrote an article about whey protein powder, but it is not a drug in the usual sense, and it is certainly not a hormone. In fact, if you follow the normal nutritional supplementation, how can you overdo it?

  Meeting a gym goer's protein needs for the day does not mean that if you eat protein powder, there is no need for protein in your regular food. How much protein is needed daily? It is generally accepted that the optimal protein intake for muscle building strength training is: 1.8g/kg/d, which represents a daily requirement of 1.8g of protein supplement per kg of body weight. Of course, this is only a guideline value, in fact, it can fluctuate up or down 0.2 also does not hurt. Eating just one scoop of protein powder after a regular training session is obviously not too much at all!

  Protein powder is a health food, which means that the general public can eat it even if they don't work out, and it's not harmful to the body as long as it's consumed wisely. In fact, any kind of food, eating too much will not have good results, whether it is eating a lot of fat every day, or a lot of animal protein, I think you know the consequences, in fact, protein powder can also be classified as a food category, after all, is purified from the milk of things. Eat more, naturally, will bring adverse effects on the body, unless you eat too much!!! Of course for fitness people, if you use the protein powder in accordance with the method of use is not at all such problems, a large number of people using protein powder, generally bodybuilders, that will have what bad effects on the body?

  Note that the following are the bad effects of excessive protein supplementation under the premise of insufficient exercise intensity.

  1. excessive protein supplementation will increase the burden on the liver and kidneys, leading to hypertrophy of the liver and kidneys, and is prone to muscle fatigue.

  2. large amounts of protein are likely to lead to dehydration, decalcification and gout in the organism.

  3. it may lead to stones and constipation, because high protein is detrimental to the metabolism of inorganic salts

  4. high protein food intake is usually inevitably accompanied by high fat intake, which increases the risk of developing atherosclerosis and hyperlipidemia after middle age.

  In fact, eating a lot of high-protein food every day is also the result of this, always eating a lot of lean animal meat, soy products, will lead to the above, that is to say, these bad effects are not unique to eating a lot of protein powder, other high-protein food a lot of sustained eating will also have these problems.

  In the end, for the fitness of you, according to the instructions on the back of the protein powder cans to consume is completely fine, completely safe to use protein powder to supplement protein to meet muscle building nutrition.