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Highly recommend the VOLTRX glass shaker bottle, you need to get one seriously!

by GuoxinWei on July 07, 2021

  I was surprisingly excited about this! I've never been a fan of powdered drinks, but I figured out why. The black has a black top so it can be taken anywhere, even at work, and doesn't look like a kid or look gross putting the rest of the powder aside. It actually mixes very well and there isn't much powder left after shaking. The blender ball is effective, collapsible and the electronic blender bottle is easy to clean. Read the reviews of others. If possible, put liquid first, works great. I really like the features of the ProStak and the portable blender bottle is super nice to use! I find myself taking it with me every day, at work, in the car, and even at dinner. The convenience of a milkshake prevents me from "Let's drink a milkshake or McFurry". Sometimes you want more than just water. The extra powder protects me from the temptation of many high sugar products. And I found that I could wash the portable electric protein shaker bottle by hand without even removing the extra powder from the bottom, and the powder inside stayed dry, no problem. The lid seals tightly, but is surprisingly easy to open, easy to clean and well designed. Overall, I really like this product, great value for money!

  I have three electric blender water bottles that I use to make the different shakes I currently make myself. It's a versatile container for any liquid when you're on the go or at home. It doesn't smell like metal at all (because of the balls) and once you wash it first it doesn't smell like plastic.

  The only downside to blender bottles amazon is that it doesn't keep liquids hot or cold. If that's what you're looking for, you might just want to get the ball and water bottle. But if you forget when you shake it in the car and it bakes in your food for a long time, you can kiss that one goodbye. oster blender bottle will smell forever and can't be cleaned.