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How do ordinary people grow muscles effectively and quickly

by GuoxinWei on June 22, 2021

  The element to promote muscle growth is muscle pressure. You need your muscles to do some unaccustomed movements to make them appear in a confused state, which will allow them to grow. So how do we confuse the muscle to make it grow? Here are 5 points for your reference.

  Increase training range of motion

  There are two phenomena in muscle development: muscle hypertrophy and muscle proliferation, both of which will cause the increase of muscle mass and muscle cross-sectional area. However, to make the muscles present these two states, the most important thing is to increase the training range of motion, that is, to extend the trajectory between eccentricity and centripetal, so that the stimulation of muscle fibers can be greatly increased, and the best training effect can be obtained. .

  allows muscles to effectively control weight

  Is it called so that the muscles can effectively control the weight? That is, when you are doing eccentric exercise, use the control of the muscle to move the weight slowly, thereby extending the stimulation of the muscle and making the muscle congestion more full. Similarly, when the centripetal muscles are contracted to the apex, a slight squeeze for 1-2 seconds can also greatly increase the stimulation.

  Do not use the same weight

  This method can be called the pyramid training method. When you train with heavy weights for the first three groups in the same muscle group training, the fourth group starts to feel tired and the weight can be reduced by about 30- About 40%, and then increase the number of training as much as possible to make the muscles more tired (also called exhaustion).

  find a good make up

  Generally speaking, our training will do as long as we think we are exhausted, but you only need to find a competent make-up hand to assist you in your training. He can help you do more after you think you are exhausted. Training. In addition to stimulating muscles more effectively, this method of making up hands can also prevent many training accidents and injuries. Of course, you must first make sure that you are someone who can practice making up hands.

  A good make up can help your training to a higher level.

  Increase the average weight in time

  When you have completed the four previous suggestions, there will be the last one: increase the average weight! When increasing the average weight, make sure you can still use the new weight to do 8-12RM. In addition, you can also use another training method to stimulate muscles, which is the alternating training method. This method is mainly to ensure that your muscles will not continue to get used to a training program. You can use the alternating training method to make a training schedule like a cycle to strengthen the stimulation range of the confused muscles.