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How to arrange fitness diet time Is fitness diet time important?

by GuoxinWei on May 07, 2021

  How to eat after fitness is a problem that many bodybuilders are concerned about. In addition to diet and nutrition after fitness, the eating time after fitness is also a concern for many people. Because everyone thinks that there is a metabolic window after exercise, which is very important for fitness. So do you know how the fitness diet time is arranged? Let's take a look at the fitness food.

  How to arrange fitness and diet time

  Breakfast 8:00 eggs, a small amount of staple food, add milk or soy milk, etc. Lunch 11:30 Sufficient staple food, moderate meat, and plenty of vegetables. In the afternoon, add a meal at 3:00. Appropriate amount of staple food, add some milk and fruit. Training time 5:00 Add some calories 30 minutes before training. After training, add meals at 7:00 milk, a small amount of staple food, and a moderate amount of protein. Dinner at 8: 00 Appropriate staple food, adequate protein, no vegetables can be added.

  When it comes to the importance of eating time, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. For example, compared to another fitness enthusiast, the eating time after exercise may be more important for this fitness enthusiast, and the eating time is based on the differences in personal daily life.

  The main goal of eating time is to restore energy and nutrition, so that the body can make full use of energy and nutrition in important time periods, such as after strenuous exercise. During and after strenuous exercise, glycogen reserves are depleted, water in the body is reduced, and muscles are in a period in need of repair.

  Therefore, a post-exercise diet is said to help restore nutrients lost by the body, increase energy levels, and promote the recovery process by increasing muscle protein synthesis, which is how the body uses protein to recover after exercise.

  Eating time is by no means a right or wrong question. This question should be viewed from multiple angles. Factors such as pre-workout nutrition, exercise time, and fitness methods have an impact on the importance of eating time for different people.