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How to relax the leg muscles after exercise Six steps to help you relieve muscle soreness

by GuoxinWei on May 13, 2021


  Most people use their leg muscles during exercise, and after exercise, we all have sore leg muscles. This is especially true for people who have been lacking exercise for a long time. In order to be able to relieve ourselves of the phenomenon of leg muscle pain, we had better carry out the relaxation of leg muscles.

  One, relax the thick thighs

  1. lie down to sleep, bend one leg, so that the calf as close as possible to or next to the thigh and hip, the other side of the leg to keep straight.

  2. Straighten that side of the knee after standing up, the body tends to leg up that side, keep this action.

  3. With a little force, pull the knee standing up with both hands, so that it is close to the body, so that the muscles on the side of the thigh can be pulled.

  Two, soothe the stiff legs

  1. Sit on the floor with your legs straight, hands behind your body for support, and try to keep your legs on the floor.

  2. one of the legs of the knee as far as possible to the thigh bend, bent still to the floor, the other leg straight.

  3. Straighten the waist, turn to the side where the leg is straight, and try to touch the bent leg with your hand.

  Third, correct bad posture

  1. Bend both elbows behind you, support your body, keep the action of one leg straight, and bend the knee of the other leg.

  2. Keep the action of the legs, the back slowly pressed hard to the floor, and eventually the back can be pressed against the floor and lie on the back.

  Four, single-leg alternate stretching exercise

  This single-leg alternating stretching exercise can be done at home, but also at work to practice. In the exercise must have a chair to hold, first do on the chair, then the left leg on the right thigh, and the left leg straight. Then let the calf muscles stretching movement, first tighten the muscles, and then relax, so that repeatedly 10 to 20 times, then change the right foot to do the same exercise.

  Five, the ankle joint exercise

  Ankle joint exercise can effectively remove the subcutaneous fat of the legs, the specific practice, first with a hand to grab the ankle part, and then let a hand to hold the same foot toe, and then grab the toe hand to drive the foot to turn. First turn to the left 10 times, then turn to the right 10 times, and then switch to the other foot to do. Often do this exercise in addition to eliminating leg fat, but also to make the joints become sensitive, walking up to feel a lot lighter.

  Six, tighten the muscle movement

  This exercise can make the muscles of the calves become even and firm, preventing the accumulation of fat under the skin, and has the effect of beautifying the calves. First stand next to the table, or prepare a chair on the side, and then hold the corner of the table or chair to support the body balance, and then raise one foot, so that the ankle part to do straightening and bending movement, each leg repeatedly do 10 to 20 times. Through the ankle part of the bending straightening movement, can drive the calf part of the muscle movement, and thus play a beautiful legs thin legs effect.