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How to use electric shaker

by GuoxinWei on July 20, 2021

  Easy-to-clean electric shakers provide a healthy way to mix protein drinks on the road. The shaker consists of a cup or bottle with a sealed lid, usually with a drinking port.

  The most important feature is the electric paint shaker, a device located in the spokes or lid of the vibrator. The mixer helps to mix protein powder (like the whey described by the Mayo Clinic) with the liquid and break up the lumps to make a smooth drink. Choose a vibrating screen that is easy to disassemble and clean to avoid the risk of bacteria accumulating in inaccessible crevices.

  The first step: add liquid

  Add the required liquid. The side of the electric mixer bottle usually has a measurement mark. For example, pour 16 ounces of water, juice, milk or almond milk into an electric bottle shaker. Add the liquid before adding the protein powder to prevent the powder from agglomerating at the bottom of the shaker or spreading on the sides.

  Step 2: Measure your powder

  measure protein powder. The packaged protein powder comes with a spoon to measure a serving of powder. If you don't see the spoon, reach to the bottom of the powder. If you buy protein powder in large quantities, please use 2 tablespoons.

  Step 3: Add other ingredients

  Add any other ingredients. The protein mixer provides a convenient way to take powdered nutritional supplements. Please consult your doctor about supplements. Do not exceed the recommended dose.

  Step 4: Put the lid on and shake

  Put the lid on the electric shaker bottle. Make sure it snaps into place for sealing. This prevents the cover from falling off when shaking. Shake the electric blender bottle up and down vigorously and slowly count to 20. The blender breaks up the protein powder to help mix the ingredients.