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How to use stair machine fitness best

by GuoxinWei on June 28, 2021

  Everyone believes that everyone knows the stair machine very well. The stair machine is actually a simulation of climbing stairs, helping everyone to achieve the same effect as usual climbing stairs. Then follow the editor to understand how to use the stair machine, let us use this machine more comprehensively!

  How to use the stair machine

  1. At the beginning, stand on the stair machine and select the desired option on the menu. Most stair machines have manual settings, or you can choose a program to run. Generally speaking, you can enter your age and weight to estimate the number of calories burned during the exercise.

  2. The legs move up and down according to the prescribed rhythm, and the pedals are driven down, but do not go all the way down to the ground. It is recommended that you keep holding the handle to avoid falling. The handle can be used to monitor your heart rate and help you stay at the right intensity.

  3. The stair machine is easy to use, helps prevent cardiovascular disease, and usually has less impact than jogging outdoors. They are generally more difficult than other cardio equipment. A 68 kg person can burn more than 300 calories in half an hour, and walking is about 175 calories.

  Precautions for using the stair machine

  1. When stepping down, the knee joint should not be rigid or locked, and there must be room.

  2. If the muscle strength is too poor, it is best not to choose a stepper.

  3. The coordination is not good, the control is too poor, you need to adapt to exercise, or do a stationary bicycle first.

  4. Imported equipment is usually large. If the trainer is too short, don’t force the training. It’s no good.

  5. Although the damage to the knees of the stair machine is relatively small compared to outdoor climbing and treadmills, it is better to use the stair machine with caution for those who have suffered knee injuries and have insufficient leg strength.

  6. ​​If you want to simply exercise your body and improve your cardiopulmonary function, you can use the stair machine for 20 minutes each time; if you want to achieve a good fat reduction effect, you need to use it for 30-40 minutes. The correct use time of the stair machine is at least 20 minutes. Any equipment must be done within its capacity, although it is not difficult to use, but overdose can hurt.

  7. Keep your chest up, don’t hunch back, bow your head and bend over.

  8. Don't pursue fast or long time. If you are really tired, just slow down to the lowest point, just keep going.