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How to use the inverted machine the best and most correct

by GuoxinWei on June 28, 2021

  In fact, each exercise is a precaution, if in the absence of understanding these precautions, it is easy to exercise the wrong, not to mention what exercise effect. Therefore, before exercising a variety of sports, to find a clear understanding of the precautions. Many people will use the inversion machine, this method to exercise, then the inversion machine how to use it?

  How to use the inversion machine

  1. according to their height adjustment valve adjustment appropriate after rotating the ankle nut tighten the foot neck buckle, back flat on the sleeper plate ready to inversion stretching exercise.

  2. body stretch natural state on the small of the abdomen, lying board slowly rotate to the horizontal balance position.

  3. from the horizontal balance position based on one hand slowly lift or as needed two hands slowly lift the recumbent plate will rotate according to their ideal angle.

  4. vertical inversion case, two hands pushing the recumbent plate backwards can experience the best hanging effect of 160 degrees upside down.

  Inverted machine precautions

  1. some people will have dizziness when using the inversion machine for the first time, it is best to have someone around when using it.

  2. should not be used within 2 hours after a meal or when drinking too much water.

  3. wear sports shoes with laces when using.

  4. the mind should be concentrated, all consciousness should be focused on the top of the head in the middle of the "Baihui" point.

  5. the head and hands should always be fixed in the same position.

  6. to turn the body with the jaw closed, so as to maintain balance.

  7. do a complete set of inversions every day.

  8. do not rest immediately after the inversion action, it is best to do a little activity before rest.

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