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I am very happy to buy a voltrx glass shaker bottle

by GuoxinWei on June 26, 2021

  bought for my husband, my husband is very picky about everything. I paid an extra $10, which is made in China and there are no extra parts. My husband likes this shaker bottle! He uses it every day. We highly recommend this protein shakes shaker product.

  I have used protein powder and exercise many times before, and it is effortless to mix them completely. I drank a cup of protein powder milkshake this morning and shook the best protein shaker for 30 seconds, no big one. This drink is slippery. Will be more!

  This electric shaker bottle is great. I always thought that a shaker is an electric bottle shaker, but this simple concept has not been greatly improved. But this bottle is perfect. I have never encountered the problem of clumping, and I have never missed it. Like the capacity, I like the electric cocktail shaker that is not annoying and does not rattle under any circumstances. If you want to buy a shaker bottle, please buy this electric shaker bottle.