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I love the electric shaker cup, which is more derived from the design and perfect function of VOLTRX

by GuoxinWei on July 16, 2021

  I lost the last electric protein mixer when I moved, so I am looking for a new one! The color of the bottle in the picture is too bright, I fell in love with it. I like to split my branched chain amino acids in half because the size of this bottle is too sweet. I poured half of it and save the rest for use after exercise. I like the convenience provided by ProStak because we all know that adding powder before drinking water only takes a bad day.

  At a certain stage of my exercise, I need a protein mixer bottle electric, so I chose this one. I like the bottom of it. You can store powder supplements or vitamins in it, and there are two different sizes. Or, you don't even need to attach it to make it more compact. Each bottom container has a lid. The lid is actually closed and fastened tightly, not mine. Turning it off is painful. You really have to close it. Not this. I will definitely buy it again, I may just have a problem again.

  I really like this protein mixer cup. When traveling on vacation, the bottom cabin is very convenient because all my vitamins are in it, and there is a second compartment for powder. The bottle itself is very strong, because my toddlers always play with it and haven't washed the walmart blender bottle all day, so it doesn't leave any smell.