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I need a smaller VOLTRX protein shake blender and a more efficient shaker, I got it!

by GuoxinWei on July 15, 2021

  I drink protein shakes after exercise. This product is great because the electric bottle shaker has a blender, a compartment for protein powder, and a compartment for capsules or nuts (almonds, dates, etc.). ). This bottle is strong and not fragile, so I am happy to use it regularly at least 5 days a week. The bottle looks fashionable, and you have many choices when choosing colors.

  For longevity, it is best to rinse the electric mixer bottle and make sure to wipe it with a cloth (to avoid the smell of smoothies or protein shakes).

  I like this electric blender bottle. I work long shifts and need an easy way to bring protein and vegetable shakes. A big advantage is that the shaker has a small compartment for supplements/medicine. This shaker allows me to stop wasting my sealed bag and remember to take vitamins when shaking. I really like this vibrating screen system.

  I like to use this electric shaker to shake hands. It can mix powder well. If you shake it correctly, you will not leave any obstacles. The electric shaker bottle is easy to clean and leak-proof. It can hold pills and a small amount of food. I recommend this cup.