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I think these are great voltrx protein bottles with great quality!

by GuoxinWei on May 05, 2021

  I have a few other glass shaker bottles, but I think they look more versatile.

  You will get an easy-to-detach top, including an easy-to-open flip cover and a fairly large carrying loop. I found that opening this file is much better than opening other files, and you will not waste your content when opening it.

  The base consists of two parts-a transparent base can hold several scoops of powder, and an opaque base has four compartments for powder or tablets. They are large and must be sufficient for most people.

drink shaker protein shake

  In most bottles, blender bottles are plastic blocks that are stronger than springs. That’s great, because it’s actually easier to clean and won’t get caught up in my drain rack.

  The bottle has a capacity of 600 ml, which is definitely big enough for most protein/dietary supplements. Dimensions are in milliliters and fluid ounces.

  is generally a lightweight electric shaker bottle, which can do the job perfectly, especially before you need to separate the powder from the liquid until you need to use it. These two packed shake bottles are absolutely wonderful and the quality is perfect! I like how good the design is, they come quickly!

  They are very easy to handle, and each has a stirring ball to help stir the powder better!

  High-quality protein shake cup, I like to use it, it is really amazing for outdoor use, because there is a compartment at the bottom, you can put powder anytime, anywhere, it is great, I absolutely love it!

  In general, it is a high-quality product, very easy to clean! The price is super. To be honest, I like it. I will definitely recommend!