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If you often use voltrx electric shaker bottle, it is worth a few extra money

by GuoxinWei on June 03, 2021

  I like this electric shaker bottle. I added protein shakes to my diet to relieve my sugar cravings. I can shake the dessert very well instead of eating candy or ice cream. The protein shaker blender attached to the protein powder is not the best choice for mixing the powder into a liquid, it will leave a chalk-like hard shake. The mixing bottle is great-the mixing ball is designed to be denser and the metal thicker, so the milkshake can be mixed well. This bottle is also very big-I can add some water or liquid to the milkshake to make it easier to drink, unlike pudding. I am so glad I bought a mixed bottle!

  Before that, I bought some cheap electric mixer bottles, but they sometimes leaked out of the lid because of bad threads. Finally decided to spend more money on this protein shaker electric, very satisfied. The lid is tightened very tightly every time. I especially like the ring on the lid because I often use Caribbean tongs to clamp on the bag. In addition, I haven't thrown this protein shaker bottle too many times, but it never opens suddenly when dropped. Basically I can guarantee that the cheap bottle will overflow when dropped.