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Is collagen powder effective? The best one?

by GuoxinWei on March 18, 2021


  We are very familiar with collagen. Although collagen is protein, its function is very different from whey protein or soy protein.

  Because collagen is present in our teeth, skin, bones and cartilage, collagen can improve the health of the skin, connective tissue and even the digestive system. No wonder it has been on the list of popular supplements for the past two years.


  What role does collagen play?

  The role of collagen is different from other typical protein sources. For example, whey protein is digested and broken down as the basis for muscle growth and repair. Collagen also works in this way, but collagen can also send a signal to the body so that the body can automatically produce more collagen.

  In other words, the intake of collagen can "cheat" our body, making them think that the supply of collagen is decreasing, thereby producing more collagen.

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  Collagen can also naturally promote creatine to work. It can promote the growth of lean muscle and improve the recovery ability between exercises. Therefore, when people want to improve body composition and sports performance, collagen is a good choice for regular supplements.

  Source of collagen

  Since collagen is a natural protein, most supplements come from animals such as beef, pork and fish. Supplements can come in different forms, but hydrolyzed (or partially broken down) collagen seems to be the greatest benefit to the human body. The public may be familiar with gelatin, a less processed collagen that is often used in cooking.

  Collagen supplements

  There are many types of collagen supplements, usually including types 1-4. These supplements are mainly aimed at different body structures, teeth, skin, bones and cartilage, as well as the cushioning of joints and the health of skin, hair and nails. In addition to different types of collagen, different types of supplements, protein powders, beverages and external creams are also on the market.

  Collagen powder

  Collagen powder is probably the most widely used collagen supplement on the market. It usually exists in a hydrolyzed (or decomposed) form, so it is the most easily absorbed by the body. It showed the greatest effect in this study. It can be easily mixed with beverages, such as added to milkshakes after exercise. Current research supports that collagen powder can improve muscle health like other protein sources.

  Collagen Drink

  Collagen beverages are another very popular form of supplementation. Collagen has been dissolved in the liquid and can be easily absorbed at any time. The benefits of these supplements depend on the type of collagen contained, and categories 1-4 are the most beneficial. However, they are relatively expensive and often require refrigeration, making it difficult to transport on the road.

  Bone broth

  Bone broth is another popular way to obtain collagen in people's diet. Although not really "supplements" because they are actually food, bone broth contains a high content of collagen. In recent years, they have become very popular, they can be bought in many supermarkets, and they are also very convenient at home.