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Is creatine taken before or after a workout

by GuoxinWei on May 16, 2021


  People who like fitness know that creatine for muscle is a lot of benefits, but there are many doubts in the consumption of creatine, today I will give you a popular creatine is good to take before working out or after working out?

  The benefits of creatine eaten before working out

  1, creatine because it is a small molecule substance, so into the body after the absorption of very fast can be quickly used, you can properly engage in high-intensity training.

  2, before the fitness to take creatine, you can avoid the lack of physical strength resulting in reduced exercise capacity, enhance the fitness time.

  3, taken before the gym, the effect is very obvious, strength and endurance are enhanced a lot, but will be thirsty need to drink more water.

  The benefits of taking creatine after a workout

  1, after the fitness to take creatine, you can quickly restore physical fitness.

  2, two hours after fitness is the prime time for muscle growth, at this time to take creatine can promote the synthesis of muscle fibers, with half the effort.

  . So what exactly is the best time to take creatine?

  The above comparison shows that taking creatine at different times will have different benefits, so here's what we need to know.

  1, creatine can be taken before or after the workout.

  2, when taking creatine can add glucose, protein powder together, the effect is better.

  3, if you simply want to increase the intensity of training, then you can take creatine before working out; if you want to increase muscle circumference, then you can take creatine after working out.