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Now protein shaker electric is the coolest guy in my gym

by GuoxinWei on June 03, 2021

  I walked into the gym with my electric shaker bottle, and everyone looked at me. This shows that I am serious and can lift heavier weight than the mountain itself. He even called me yesterday to help him move. You know. Because I exercise, I feel so strong.

  I don’t know if you have watched it, just buy an electric blender bottle. It won't leak. It looks very smooth. Can help you recover. Mix the powder in crazy and terrifying ways.

  Compared to others, this is a great electric bottle shaker. Compared to others, the cigarette holder is bigger and you can drink faster. I found that there is a problem with my cigarette holder because their cigarette holder is centered. Buy a new one every year or every two years. I often use it. The place where the lid is screwed on finally breaks. Therefore, although 5 stars and happiness, durability is affected.