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Perfect protein shaker bottle!

by GuoxinWei on June 03, 2021

  My first electric shakers, I am glad I have one! I always use it to make protein shakes instead of breakfast in the morning. For liquid and powder, it can be perfectly mixed together, and it is very effective for vegetables/vegetables that have been made into sauces. I tried mashing bananas, but it didn't achieve the smoothness I wanted, so when I want to put vegetables or vegetables that haven't been mashed, I think I should use an immersion blender. I usually mix 8 ounces of almond milk and frozen coffee with a scoop of protein powder every morning (I boiled the pot for a week and stuck in the refrigerator), but I always mix pumpkin puree and juice (not at the same time!).

  Recently, I used a knife (butter) to smash the electric bottle shaker along the side to make the child's plasma mix better. I went too far, the blade hit the knife aside, broke, and there was blood everywhere. What a nightmare!

  I have used electric blender bottles before, but under a tight budget, I decided to transform them with an exquisite shaker. Child, am I happy? Not only do I do not need to scrape the child's plasma with a knife to make the mixture better, nor do I need to force the child to my apartment. I was standing in the corner of this high-quality product, and they rushed in!

  In order to stay healthy, I really cannot recommend such things to all cool men and women. This electric shaker bottle is a bargain!