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Prone leg curl standard motion diagram

by GuoxinWei on June 12, 2021

  In exercise, prone leg curl is a well-known exercise, and it is also an easy exercise to do. Of course, if you insist on doing prone leg curl, there are many benefits, but if you want to have these benefits, the correct standard exercise is very important. So, what is the standard motion of the prone leg curl? Let's learn about prone leg curls together.

  Prone leg curl standard exercise

  1. Face down, lie down on the prone leg curling machine, hook your heels on the cylindrical mat, hold the handles with both hands, first fully straighten your legs and fully stretch them.

  2. Hold the handles tightly with both hands, keep the body always attached to the surface of the stool, and curl the legs as much as possible until the biceps femoris is completely contracted, and tighten at the top for 1-2S.

  3. With control, slowly lower the weight, and repeat.

  where is the prone leg curl exercise

  Prone leg curl is the best isolated exercise to exercise the biceps femoris. Of course, this is for the thighs, but it can still be exercised to the buttocks. Among them, Lying Leg Curl is the most commonly used and effective.

  Prone leg curls precautions

  1. Make sure that your body does not lift from the stool, and you can hold it by holding the handle or the surface of the stool with both hands.

  2. The elbow can be used to support the body, which is conducive to the stability of the lower part of the body.

  3. Your knees should exceed the cushion instead of sticking to the stool.

  4. The entire movement process must be completed very strictly, and curl as large as possible.

  5. This movement can also be practiced with one leg, of course, the essentials are the same.