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Shake your fitness partner voltrx Shaker Bottle before drinking

by GuoxinWei on March 31, 2021


  I have always maintained the habit of fitness. I go to the gym three times a week. It’s easy if you don’t have a water cup before. Every time I buy a bottle of mineral water in the gym, it feels very convenient. However, I have recently started to eat protein powder. You need to bring a cup to eat protein powder. In the past, ordinary plastic cups were used, but the protein powder was always washed unevenly, and it was troublesome to stir with a spoon. So a friend recommended voltrx Shaker Bottle.

  Voltrx products are mostly designed for fitness enthusiasts, among which the patented protein shaker bottle is the most famous. It can be said that voltrx is the founder of the protein shaker bottle and has a good reputation in the circle, so he entered the protein shaker bottle below.

  The weather is good, so I take pictures outdoors. This color is darker and more formal than the color sports cup. You can even take it to work without any sense of violation. Shaker Bottle uses a three-layer design. Both the handle and lid are equipped with a non-slip rubber layer, which is soft and comfortable. The logo of the bottle is full of movement.

  This is the core of the electric shaker bottle. The stainless steel ball is made of 316 stainless steel. What is the concept of 316 stainless steel? It is a very high-end stainless steel. The scalpel is made of this material.

  This is the bottom of the glass, doesn’t it look like a bottle of wine?

  The bottom of the cup means that it is made of No. 7 plastic. What is the concept of No. 7 plastic? Let’s do a little science, this is a very useful knowledge point in life

  General plastic products have such small triangles at the bottom. There is a number between 1 and 7 in the triangle. The following are the meanings of these numbers:

  First place: polyethylene terephthalate

  Common mineral water bottles, carbonated beverage bottles, etc. The heat resistance is as high as 70, easily deformed, and substances harmful to the human body are melted out. After 10 months of use, No. 1 plastic products may release the carcinogen DEHP. Cannot be placed in the car to bask in the sun; does not contain alcohol, oil and other substances

blender shaker bottle

  Second place: High-density polyethylene

  Ordinary white medicine bottle, cleaning supplies, bath supplies. Do not use it as a storage container for Shaker Bottles or other items. Don't recycle because of incomplete cleaning.

  3rd place: PVC

  Common raincoats, building materials, plastic films, plastic boxes, etc. Because of its excellent plasticity and low price, it is widely used and can only withstand the high temperature of 81. It is easy to produce undesirable substances at high temperatures and is rarely used in food packaging. Difficult to clean, easy to remain, and not recycled. If the drink is full, don't buy it.

  Fourth place: Polyethylene

  Ordinary cling film, plastic film, etc. Harmful substances are produced at high temperatures. When toxic substances enter the human body with food, they may cause breast cancer, birth defects and other diseases. Put the plastic wrap outside the microwave. Fifth place: polypropylene

  Ordinary juice bottle, microwave lunch box. With a melting point of 167, it is the only plastic box that can be put in a microwave oven.

  No. 6: PS polystyrene

  Common instant noodle boxes and bowls of fast food boxes. Don't put it in a microwave oven, the temperature is too high, it will not release chemicals. When full of acids (such as orange juice) and alkaline substances, carcinogens will decompose. Seventh place: other types of personal computers

  Ordinary water bottle, space cup, milk bottle. It is stable and durable, not easy to deform, but some of it contains bisphenol a, so it is controversial. Please do not heat or expose to direct sunlight when using it.

  Note: Voltrx publicity clearly states that the plastic used in its products does not contain BPA.

  The popular science is over, continue to watch Shaker Bottle. The maximum capacity of Shaker Bottle is 760 ml. Feel the size of the Shaker Bottle intuitively and compare it with the pulsation. I think I’m more familiar with Nutrition Express than JR, but I don’t have one on hand.

  Because the color is relatively dark, it is difficult to observe the water level in the Shaker Bottle, and it is still difficult to distinguish it when the outdoor light is sufficient. Can you see how many milliliters of water are in the Shaker Bottle now? Around 260 ml. look carefully. In fact, if there is a transparent or light-colored observation strip on the side of the Shaker Bottle with scale, is it difficult to divide the color? It may be difficult.