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Recharge your body anytime, anywhere! Super suitable for fitness protein shaker.

by GuoxinWei on October 22, 2021


  Although I have just started fitness, I have learned all the habits of those fitness experts. For example, after sweating, you can immediately replenish the lost water and energy, which all depends on this super practical protein shaker bottle. After visiting the gym for a long time, you will find that everyone has their own water cups, and each one is very large. It looks very powerful.

  Because strenuous exercise will sweat a lot and take away water and energy, and those who want to soak in the gym all day are almost necessary for everyone. This mixer cup can replenish energy anytime and anywhere. This electric protein stirring cup can quickly and thoroughly dissolve my favorite protein powder. It is very suitable for drinking a cup during a break. It can not only quench my thirst, but also charge for the next exercise!

  In fact, at the beginning, I thought the shaker cups were very bulky and big, but the appearance value of this electric shaker cup is very high. First of all, not to mention the high transparent material cup body and the upper and lower color combination, it has a very visual impact. Although it is not small, the curve design makes it look very fit!

  The cup body of protein shaker cup is made of food grade plastic, which is very safe to use. The feel is also very good, and the high transparent texture is also very good in the sense. It can not be used to stir some colored drinks, but can fully show its charm!

  The built-in high-speed rotating motor is very good in both speed and solubility. Although it is often stirred with cold water, there is no need to worry about caking because it is mixed evenly. The base is removable and the diameter of the cup mouth is relatively large, so it is particularly convenient to clean.

  Since the establishment of the best protein shaker, I have eliminated the water cup I used to drink. I don't go to the gym, so I use it as a water cup. When you want to drink, just put it in and stir it directly, which is much more convenient than manually stirring and shaking the cup.

  The base of the shaker bottle electric can be placed on the car stably, which is very convenient to carry out. In addition, the capacity is large enough to basically meet the water demand for most of the day.