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Home fitness can exercise the whole body?

by GuoxinWei on March 31, 2021

  Do you work from home? Still don't want to go to the gym? Why don't we turn the living room into a new training place? There is no other excuse not to train!

  Tristan Tros shared the ultimate full body training at home. You can use your creativity to add some extra weight, for example, carrying household items that you have recently stockpiled.

  This training is very suitable for people who cannot go to the gym. It is fast, simple, and can be used immediately without increasing the burden of travel.

  Tristan Home Training

  Our partner fitness coach Chris Appleton will explain the benefits and precautions of each exercise below.

  "Four sets, 10 reps each. Strengthen your core, triceps, shoulders and chest exercises."

  How to do it:

  Plate support, put your hands flat under your shoulders.

  Make sure your core is neutral, combining the strength of the gluteal muscles and the back thigh muscles.

  This will keep the body stable. It is important to ensure that the effect of lifting the body slowly will be better.

  Pause for a few seconds when the body is close to the floor, and then return to the original position.

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  "Four sets, 20 reps in each set. Many athletes can do this simple movement, which can enhance their core strength."

  How to do it:

  Raise the feet and make the body shape a V shape to ensure that the spine is at or about 45 degrees.

  Make sure that the upper body is twisted (not the shoulder twist), the spine and head remain in place, and do not rotate.

  "Four groups, 10 reps each. Simple but very important movements, which can strengthen the core and back muscles."

  How to do it:

  At the same time, lift the arms and legs about 10-15 cm off the ground to form a curve on the body.

  paused for a while, and then returned to the starting position slowly and controllably. The core remains stable.

  "Four groups, 20 reps per group. The quadriceps can be trained without any equipment. Squats need more time to be fully effective, please pause at the bottom."

  How to do it

  Legs should be shoulder-width apart, and toes slightly outward.

  Throughout the exercise, the core remains neutral.

  A good squat is good for training the quadriceps and gluteal muscles.

  "There are 4 sets per set, 10 reps per set. This is a good way to train your legs when you lack equipment."

  How to do it:

  First, stand upright and stabilize the core muscles of the body.

  took a big step back, touched both knees, and stopped not far from the ground.

  Bend the other knee until it reaches 90 degrees.

  then return to the starting position.

  "Four sets, 10 reps each. It's almost over, now is the last action. It is good for the whole body (from head to toe), so it is important to ensure that the action is controlled/steady."

  How to do putter:

  From standing up to holding on to the action

  is not to alternately change the position of the arm, but to continuously push the arm from the upright position to the stick position.

  The above training actions can help you train effectively at home. It is important to put the laptop and sofa for a while to get your body moving.

  Thanks to our PT Chris for the breakdown and explanation of each action, and thanks to Tristan Tross for his demonstration.