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How to use voltrx electric shaker bottle

by GuoxinWei on March 31, 2021


  Voltrx new electric shaker bottle

  The portable juice cup is made of Tritan material and does not contain BPA. There are 5 cartoon styles to choose from, which can be used by adults and children. The capacity of this model is 580ml, which is considered a large capacity in the cup and can meet daily needs. It also comes with a thickened cup cover. You can choose to put on the cup cover when you go out, so that you can free your hands. It is convenient to carry and is the first choice for travel. The most important is this

  You can also make juice. Just cut the water cup into cubes, add milk or water, and then shake it wildly. The last glass of juice is ready. Try to choose the ripe fruit as much as possible, so that it will shake faster. It is not recommended to add hard fruit. The added ingredients can be adjusted according to your own taste

shake my bottle

  The water cup is equipped with a safety lock, so you can rest assured that no water leaks out of the water cup during the shaking process, and it is truly drip-proof. Such a high-value and practical water cup, don’t hurry up, shake it in the morning, a nutritious breakfast, you will have vitality throughout the day, shake it in the afternoon, replenish your energy, and drive away the sleepy strawberry banana smoothie. Ingredients: strawberries, bananas, Milk steps: first cut the strawberries and bananas into small pieces, the bananas need to be riper, put in

  In the middle, then pour the milk in, put it on the grid, shake it vigorously, the taste is rich. Strawberry banana milk juice will not make you fat when drinking it. It has the effect of replenishing calcium, moisturizing the skin and relieving constipation.