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Can protein powder be washed with hot water?

by GuoxinWei on March 22, 2021

  You must have heard that protein powder can't be washed with hot water, the protein will be ineffective after the hot water is brewed, and it has no effect blahblah. I don't know where it came from.

  The fact is that hot water does not change the nutritional value of protein powder (it does not even do baking with protein powder), and the amino acid structure in protein powder will not be changed. If you insist on the shortcomings of hot water brewing protein powder, that is, heating will change the denaturation of the protein powder, making it difficult to coagulate, so it is recommended to use room temperature water or milk for brewing.

  Besides brewing, adding ice cubes and fruit to make smoothie, is there any other way to eat protein powder?

protein shake mixer bottle

  Of course, my fans are more wise

  Fan: a spoonful of orgain protein powder + a can of iced sugar-free sparkling soda, homemade carbonated drinks, pay attention to the "cup~wall~down~flow~" when pouring the sparkling water into the cup, just like pouring beer, and then gently stir it evenly . The sweetness of protein powder is diluted by sparkling water, sweet and cool, it is my home happy water.

  Fan: I used coffee to make protein powder. It has a strong taste. I used hot coffee to make protein powder. The lid of the shaker cup was not closed tightly. It burst when shaking. The scene was tragic. I hope you know.

  Vermicelli: protein powder + whole wheat flour + flaxseed flour, pancakes, baking can be, soft and sweet, with fried eggs and small tomatoes, it is a breakfast that fits the plate theory very well.

  Fan: Put the protein powder into unsweetened yogurt and mix well. It is best to stir with an electric whisk, and then eat the ice cream. It will not freeze hard, and even has a hint of ice cream.

  Fan: Hahaha If you have studied biochemistry well in high school, you should know it. I often use it to make muffins. They are delicious!