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Squats do not necessarily improve sexual function

by GuoxinWei on March 23, 2021

  The following are netizens sharing their aphrodisiac feelings after doing squats for a year

  一: At least I don’t feel so tired! The motivation feels a lot bigger.

  二: But it feels a lot more vigorous, more vigorous, and some movements are more violent and passionate!

  However, there are not many netizens who can find squats about abstinence! So, on the whole, there should be a little effect, but it is not clear what the effect is! But please believe that more exercise is definitely good!

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  But the PT brother saw more feedback: "Should it work or not?"

  Rango, in the Chinese fitness industry, there has been a saying: "Men practice squats, women can't stand them; women practice squats, men can't stand", it is about the improvement of sexual performance by practicing squats. So, is it really useful to practice squats to improve sexual performance, especially male sexual function?

  First, let’s analyze the standard squat movement.

  1. Separate your feet, shoulder width or slightly wider than shoulder width, and toes 15 to 30 degrees apart from both sides. Look forward.

  2, The upper torso is straight, and you can lean forward slightly when squatting.

  3. Both hands can hold the head or straighten forward horizontally. When squatting, keep your thighs at or slightly below the horizontal level.

  4. The motion trajectory of the knee joint should be consistent with the direction of the toes, not too abduction or adduction

  5. The center of gravity should be on the heel, first extend the hips slightly, and then begin to flex the knee joints. There should be no pauses in the whole process, and the speed should not be too fast or too many times.

  So, in squats, which muscles do we exercise, and are these muscles related to sexual function?

  Squat is a multi-joint compound action, which has a very strong effect on the muscles of the hips and lower limbs. It is also one of the most complicated movements in bodybuilding. Can exercise quadriceps (rectus femoris, midfemoris, lateral femoris, medial femoris), gluteus maximus, biceps femoris, semitendinosus, semimembranosus, and erector spinae and piriformis , Adductor magnus, gluteus medius, gluteus minimus and calf muscles are also well strengthened.

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  At the same time, it has a positive impact on a series of physiological and biochemical functions such as cardiopulmonary function, neuroregulation and hormone secretion.

  The gluteus maximus and quadriceps belong to the larger muscle groups of our body and play an important role in most sports. As a vigorous "sports" sex life, it is natural to have strong muscle strength and endurance, especially the waist, abdomen, buttocks and lower limbs. Furthermore, depth belongs to anaerobic exercise, which greatly improves the practitioner's cardiopulmonary function. Good cardiopulmonary function is of course helpful to the body. Other studies have shown that testosterone in men plays a key role in the production and maintenance of male libido, and the production of testosterone is closely related to the volume of male muscles. Therefore, increasing muscle strength and endurance can promote testosterone secretion. It helps a lot.

  From this we can see that squats do have a certain help in improving sexual function.

  But it is not limited to squats. To a greater extent, exercise is used to build a strong physique, and as long as it is the right exercise, it will have a good effect on our body. Some friends, after they have erectile dysfunction, put their hope on squatting or PC muscle exercises, hoping that the purpose of treating erectile dysfunction can be achieved in this way, but it is actually incorrect.

  After the emergence of erectile dysfunction and other reproductive system diseases, more often it is necessary to go to a regular hospital for active examination and treatment in time. You must not take “targeted” exercises or buy health care products on your own terms, so as not to delay the pathogenesis.

  Here comes the point:

  There are many reasons for sexual dysfunction, some are caused by psychological factors, and some are caused by physiological factors. Nowadays, Jin Ge (sildenafil citrate tablets) treatment is more commonly used clinically, that is, Viagra. At the moment, there are still people who are influenced by traditional medical thinking, who think that sexual problems are a manifestation of "kidney deficiency", and Viagra seems to be just an "aphrodisiac" that treats symptoms but not the root cause. In fact, Viagra does not change the body's hormone levels, nor does it induce sexual desire, but it is easier to get an erection after a person has a mental or physical problem that leads to erectile dysfunction. If there is no sexual desire stimulation, it will not be erected after eating.

  There are more than 70 million people suffering from erectile dysfunction in China. It is hoped that more patients will not blindly adopt the "exercise" method, but will be more calm about the disease and treat the disease correctly.