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What is the difference between using an electric shaker bottle and a normal cup

by GuoxinWei on March 25, 2021


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  electric shaker bottle is mainly to make the protein powder shake more evenly, and the protein powder is fully dispersed in the water.

  It is difficult to shake the protein powder in a regular cup.

  The easiest way is to buy a stirring metal ball (as follows):

  Then all the cups can become electric shaker bottles.

  My friend’s electric shaker bottle has a filter. As mentioned in P30 of "Physical Growth and Fitness Training", protein powder must be shaken thoroughly through the electric shaker bottle before being ingested. Professional electric shaker bottles usually have them. A filter is used to stimulate the active factors in the protein powder. I don't know this, and I dare not comment, it's not bad anyway.

funny shaker bottle

  However, whether it is a good metal ball, a good filter, a good electric power, it is all to shake the protein powder evenly.

  Several questions about electric shaker bottle:

  1. After using the electric shaker bottle, please rinse it off with water as soon as possible and let it dry in the air circulation. Otherwise it will be very smelly-.-

  2. For whey protein concentrate, put water first and then powder, otherwise the powder will stick to the bottom. However, the separation of whey did not encounter the problem of sticky bottom.

  3. Generally use warm or cold water to fill protein powder. It is definitely not ice water. Ice water is also very insoluble. In addition, it is not suitable to drink ice water after exercise.

  4. For water, it is usually 300cc, but I personally like to wear more, because I need to add water after exercise.

  5. Glucose can be added to the protein powder to drink together to increase the level of insulin and promote protein absorption.