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See how I use protein shaker bottle to make protein?

by GuoxinWei on March 25, 2021

  Steps to rush:

  1. Water must be water first, water must be water first, water must be water first, important things are said three times, the water temperature should not exceed 50 degrees

  2. Remove another bag of powder and pour it in

  3. Shaker the Shaker Bottle, or stir in the glass


  1. Remember to wash the Shaker Bottle and glass immediately, otherwise protein is a nutrient and it is easy to breed bacteria. It will smell bad after a long time, which is not good for health.

personalized shaker bottle

  2. Keep in mind that the water temperature should not be too high, because high water temperature will change the structure of the protein, making the protein insoluble in water, just like the principle that boiled eggs and water cannot dissolve together. It's not that what the outside legend says is no more nutritious, those are all gossip.

  3. It is best to find some protein powder that is easy to brew, which is related to the dryness and the powder quality of the protein powder. For example, the WFH Wilderness Health powder is more delicate, and the muscle technology will be rough after a long time It absorbs water, then it agglomerates, and then it becomes difficult to dissolve.