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Five habits to get 2021 on track

by GuoxinWei on March 29, 2021


  In many ways, this is not an ideal start for 2021, especially in fitness, because gyms across the country are closed and group training is also limited.

  Although we face challenges, we should not give up your goal now.

  At this moment, making an organized plan and measurable goals to work towards my direction will help you get on the right track and adapt physically and mentally to a very challenging global situation.

  Sometimes, hope is faster than we realize. When we can go out to socialize, meet family, go on vacation, and go out at night, what you do now will directly affect how you feel at the time.

  It's really difficult to have a spiritual life right now. Doing things that can make yourself a little easier during this period of time and keeping yourself in a healthy state is good for both body and mind.

  It’s okay to take a day off occasionally, but setting some goals and non-negotiations will bring you closer to your goals, and the positive psychological effects of a few small victories every day will definitely make you stick to your plan.

  Remember, most of your progress comes from exercising outside the gym every day (or not like it is now).

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  If you find yourself struggling, try to implement these five non-negotiable things until next week.

  1. Protein per meal:

  Adequate protein intake is essential for building lean meat and maintaining lean meat by reducing activity. It will also help reduce body fat, because protein is the most abundant nutrient and will help curb hunger between meals. Eat 1.5~2g protein per kilogram of body weight every day.

  2. Every meal of fruit, vegetables or salad:

  Fruits, vegetables and salads have low fiber and moisture content, low calories and large volume. They will fill you up with energy without adding a lot of calories. It's very simple. Eating 5 kinds of fruits and vegetables every day will definitely make you feel better and more energetic.

  3. 10,000 steps per day:

  Doing more exercise every day will help you burn more calories and accelerate your metabolism, so you will always burn more calories. This will also help maintain your posture, which is especially important if you find yourself moving less or lying on the table with a bowed body multiple times.

  4. Avoid the least effort method:

  Your body is subconsciously programmed to choose the option that requires the least effort. When it comes to exercise and fitness, try to change this. Try to choose options that will eventually help you improve. Take the stairs, walk to the train station, find a platform. Choose the option that will eventually bring you closer to your goal.

  5. Focus on the process, not the result:

  The results are great, super exciting, but the process is also very enjoyable. Focus on your own little habits every day, and the results will come. Small changes = big results.