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Shoulder training activate action to reduce shoulder pressure

by GuoxinWei on May 07, 2021

  There are many joints near the shoulder, and the structure is also very complicated. We must be careful when training the shoulder, because it may cause some damage to the shoulder. If you want to avoid shoulder injuries, the best way is to do some exercises to activate the shoulders. So what do you know about the activation movements of the shoulder training? These actions can help you reduce the pressure on your shoulders, let's take a look!

  Action 1, shoulder horizontal abduction

  This posture is very similar to a posture correction, "shoulder abduction behind the thumb", but in contrast, since the wrist is in a more natural state, there will be no excessive participation in the back of the shoulder. The advantage is that it can It's easy to make the range very large. The position of the bungee cord needs to touch a little bit above the nipple, so as to prevent excessive participation of the upper trapezius muscle. You can also feel the change in the position of your scapula when the action is retracted. This action can fully activate the shoulder joint.

  Action 2, the elastic band is over the top and externally rotates

  This action can solve the shoulder pain caused by the excessive load during the bench press, so if you have shoulder pain during training, you can use this set of actions to warm up before training.

  Action 3, elastic shoulder external rotation

  This action is a must-practice before doing chest press, which can effectively reduce shoulder pressure.