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Surprise! A great job protein shaker can be used to shake work

by GuoxinWei on June 07, 2021

  Considering the price of bottle electric, even if it doesn’t work, what’s the disadvantage?

  This electric shaker bottle really surprised me, because the stirring ball can stir the milkshake that I take to work. There is nothing better than a wall-mounted home blender, but this is a great way to make a foam-rich blended milkshake that you can drink on your desk.

  Even if some of the powder gets wet and sticks to the bottom of the bottle, the vigorous shaking of the electric shaker will cause the powder to be mixed into the milkshake. It really works.

  electric bottle opener is easy to clean and use. I didn't miss it after I bought it. A product is just for something else, which is a big surprise.

  I bought this protein shaker bottle for my husband to use at work, lest he steal me. Mine has used it for more than 2 years and there is no problem. I think some people may put the lid on too tightly, which is why some people will crack. But I like to shake the ball. The shaker bottle combines everything. Even if I use it every day, my original is durable and looks new; I mostly use the dishwasher to wash it. highly recommended.