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Teaching Method of Using Seated Chest Pushing Apparatus

by GuoxinWei on June 03, 2021

  I believe some people are familiar with sitting chest pushing equipment. Sitting chest pushing equipment is a well-known fitness equipment. Of course, whether it is sitting chest pushing equipment or other equipment, it has a good fitness effect. What is the method of using the sitting chest pusher? If you don’t understand, you can come to find out.

  How to use sitting chest pusher

  Friends who just started to exercise, using fixed equipment to practice is a safe and effective way to improve their physical fitness. The most typical example of chest exercises is sitting posture to push the chest, which can lay a solid foundation for dumbbell (barbell) bench press.

  1. First adjust the seat of the equipment to a suitable height, and then adjust the weight. After sitting on the seat, the head and upper back are close to the backrest, and the waist is tightened forward.

  2. Keep your eyes straight, clenched the grips with both hands, feel the chest strength, push up the weight, and exhale at the same time. When pushing to the top, don't fully straighten the elbow joint. Restore to the time when the two arms are in a straight line. Make another effort.

  Precautions for sitting chest pushing equipment

  1. Do not straighten your elbow joint when you push up the weight, otherwise it will cause damage to the elbow joint when you are exhausted.

  2. Always relax the shoulders when pushing up and restoring to avoid stress, otherwise it will cause the participation of the shoulder muscles and reduce the effect of chest exercises.

  3. The process of pushing the chest relies on our consciousness to imagine the feeling of chest exertion, because when we start to practice, even if the movement is standard, the exerted force is scattered. Therefore, it is necessary to rely on brain control to put the force point on the chest to effectively train the pectoralis major muscle.

  4. Sitting chest push is the first choice for junior fitness enthusiasts. Those with high training level can do 3-4 sets of heavy sitting chest push exercises after free weight exercises. The chest will be fully exercised to exhaustion, which will improve muscle growth. It helps a lot.