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Thanksgiving gift recommendation to buy shaker bottle

by GuoxinWei on August 11, 2021

  I bought myself a metal protein shaker, and then ordered two as gifts for some friends. I like to drink a mixing bottle to replenish protein before exercise. I saw these, I just need to buy them! They feel as if they are thicker than the plastic on my hands, and the objects on them are of good quality.

  Generally speaking, shaker protein, this is a very cute electric cocktail shaker. Having said that, I bought this one because I can blend my protein shake without a blender. Sometimes it blends perfectly, sometimes the ball in it doesn't hit the walmart protein shaker correctly, so I get stuck in the milkshake by the protein block. Since this is a mixing bottle, I hope the balls in it can mix better, even if I am an electric protein shaker like a hammer. It could have been better, but at least Grogu inspired me.