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The perfect mixer electric shaker bottle.

by GuoxinWei on September 17, 2021


  This electric shaker is perfect. It's the right size and sturdy enough to make 2 tablespoons of flawless protein shakes and milk without any lumps. The use of a light to indicate battery level is genius. Sturdy, practical, easy to clean and looks great.

  Mixing any powdered drink is how great the protein mixer bottle is. gradually increase the mixing speed so that if you open the lid, there is no mess when starting, easy to clean, long battery life, easy to recharge.

  The voltrx electric shaker bottle is beautiful and worth every penny, and the enemy will hate it. The protein powder mixes well, no residue or clumps.

  This is my second electric blender shaker bottle. the battery lasts a long time. I like it. My first electric protein shaker bottle was broken by a dumbbell during training, unfortunately.