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The perfect size of the electric shaker bottle fits me

by GuoxinWei on July 22, 2021

  Since I traveled, I have been looking for a smaller protein shake blender, which is the perfect size. The instruction says "20 ounces." But the line can only reach 14 at most, the remaining volume is you fill the glass shaker bottle, including the lid. I usually mix my recovery drinks with 6-8 ounces of water, so this is the perfect size! I chose random colors for shipping and received black and turquoise caps. I am very happy.

  I like the smaller shake bottle mixer. I have a bigger one, only to find it is too big. I am very happy to find these. They are easier to carry and large enough.

  is the electric shaker motor I want. I don't need a big electric shaker bottle. I am very happy that I found these 20-ounce mixed bottles. They are very cheap and can hold 2 packs. I don't care which color I have, I have black and green.