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The voltrx protein shake blender is easy to clean. Perfect for mixing protein powder

by GuoxinWei on June 15, 2021

  Shaker bottle is very suitable for mixing protein powder, and the cleaning is very simple. Almost 99% are washed with water only. If you decide to wash it the next day, you only need soap. It is recommended to wash the electric shaker bottle on the day of use, because if everything is kept clean after 5 days, the protein powder will make the bottle smelly. But if you are an athlete who trains at least three times a week, the time is still very long. I would definitely recommend this brand and protein shaker bottle to anyone who looks great. The vibrating screen itself is the best design of IMO, because I have used other shapes, they often do not mix protein powder well.

  like this protein shaker. -I have 4 of them. I actually don't use steel balls at all. I poured 12 ounces of cold water, added the milkshake mixture, screwed on the lid and shook it. I removed the lid of the bottle electric and added a smoothie straw.

  This electric shaker is a gift for my son. He always mixes protein shakes after exercise. This is very durable, and the stainless steel vibrating screen with a tight lid (not leaking) is also great. highly recommended!