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The VOLTRX protein shaker is quite good. Especially the price.

by GuoxinWei on June 13, 2021

  The lid of the mouthpiece of the protein shaker slammed shut. Anyway, I use my fingers to shake the lid, because I am more paranoid, but it may be able to withstand some very rough shaking without opening or leaking. It can pass through the dishwasher without difficulty. The plastic will not warp and the lid can be tightened comfortably. The size and density of the whisk is just right. My protein shake is completely mixed and there is no lumps. Very happy. I bought two.

  Give me a blender shaker bottle before exercise, and give me one after exercise.

  I like this blender bottle amazon! Recently I started to drink protein drinks, I need something like this, maybe it is the only thing I drink. I don't like drinking water, so when I don't use it for mixing protein powder, I use it as ordinary cheap blender bottles. Fortunately I got it! Since I got it, I have used it often.

  Use this small blender bottle to make protein and fattening milkshakes. In the end, I had to replace one of the two that I had used for nearly 10 years because of its cracked lid. Top dishwasher safety is always a good thing. Love these sport water bottles!