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The voltrx protein shaker is very easy to use, it is a must in my life

by GuoxinWei on June 26, 2021

  This protein shaker bottle is great. I always thought that a shaker is a shaker, but this simple concept has not been greatly improved. But this best shaker cup is perfect. I have never encountered the problem of agglomeration, and have never missed it. Like a capacity, I like the stirring ball without annoying and no rattling under any circumstances. If you want to buy a shaker, please buy this protein mixer.

  I use this item to mix the guarantee powder. The protein drink mixer and other vibrators left large lumps in the mixture. This does not. Even the strength of mixing with milk. highly recommended.

  I doubt this, but the portable protein mixer does work. I drink beet powder supplements at the entrance of the gym. Sometimes it is difficult to pass because it becomes very solid. I tried it in this bottle. It mixes well and doesn't clump at all! It doesn't even leave any residue in the protein cup mixer. I just wash it quickly with water, and it will be ready the next morning. It is definitely worth the investment!