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The voltrx shaker bottle has no agglomeration and no leakage

by GuoxinWei on June 12, 2021

  We use the VOLTRX blender bottles system. When we used the old shaker, their milkshake drinks always clumped. Leaking roofs is also a long-standing problem.

  Protein shaker solves these two problems quickly and simply. When you seal the screw-in top, you will feel comfortable and fit. Click hard to seal the exit. Really safe (use 2 thumbs).

  We bought "classic" shaker bottles, which are very useful to us. Recently, we have seen more technical mixing bottles, they look very cool and provide better grip. If you are a fitness fanatic, you should look at that lineup.

  powerful protein bottle, you can mix peanut butter into your protein shake to get a super thick throat. But extra protein is a good thing, right? It's really easy to use, and it has a handle. Press the lid firmly to "stick" in place.

  protein shake bottAles bought for boyfriend. He exercises every day and uses it to drink protein shakes in the morning and evening. It will not leak when shaken and it is very easy to clean. The only part that is difficult to clean is the inside of the lid. There is a lot of space, but I only use chopsticks in it once a week, and it works well. Highly recommend this project.