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These 4 medicine ball training action can let you get rid of fat

by GuoxinWei on May 12, 2021


  We started out doing the kind of repetitive fitness movements, to a certain period into the bottleneck, many people are tired of this repetitive fitness methods. In place of this is the medicine ball this free equipment training. The medicine ball can help us to lose weight, so you know what the 4 medicine ball training movements that can make you lose fat are?

  The following training intensity, fitness can be based on their own fat amount, the appropriate adjustment, high fat rate should be based on this to improve the number of training, on the contrary, low fat rate to reduce the number of training can be, the purpose is to lose fat and control the growth of fat.

  Action one: medicine ball overhead deep squat smash ball

  The body stands naturally, keeping the feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart. Arms straight up while holding the medicine ball with both hands on both sides of the ball, keep the chest up so that the spine is in a neutral position, tense the muscles of the lower back. Exercise hands down to the ground to smash the medicine ball at the same time the body to do squatting movements, keep the thighs and the ground parallel, training intensity for 4 groups, each group do 20 times.

  Action two: chest medicine ball squat training

  The body stands naturally, the distance between the feet and shoulder width, toes slightly abducted, arms bent elbows hold the medicine ball in the chest, the body to keep straight, the body to do deep squatting action so that the elbow and knee joints touch, and then stand straight body back to the starting point, arms to maintain the posture, repeat the action, do 4 groups, each group do 20 times.

  Action three: upright lifting medicine ball

  The body stands naturally, arms straight above the body while holding the medicine ball with both hands, feet maintain a wide distance, the movement of the body down to do deep squatting action, arms with deep squatting elbows in front of the chest, and then the body up upright at the same time arms up straight back to the starting point, the training intensity is recommended to do 2 sets of each side, each group do 15 times.

  Action four: prone alternating stepping ball training

  The body is in the shape of a push-up, arms and shoulder width support on the ground, legs straight to the back of the body, so that the forefoot stepped on the medicine ball, maintain this position, do contraction of the waist and back exercises, as long as possible, the effect will be more obvious. Recommended training intensity 30 seconds breathing 20 times.