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This is the second VOLTRX Shaker Bottle I bought. It is very convenient to use for fitness.

by GuoxinWei on July 17, 2021

  This is my second electric shaker bottle. The first one stopped working because it stopped spinning, although you can still see the light and hear the sound of the motor. I hope you can buy only the bottom part so that you don't have to replace the entire product. Update after stopping work and change to 5 stars. After contacting Voltrx, they not only responded immediately, but also delivered a brand new electric shaker equipment. I like this product and their customer service very much. Extraordinary

  It is impossible to mix protein powder into milk or water. If you, like me, tend to drink 240 ml of milk plus two scoops of whey protein powder, then when you add the second scoop of milk powder, you will notice that the speed slows down. You need a second spin cycle to compensate for this, but it can still mix the powder well. The only thing that worries me about the electric shaker bottle is that even if it keeps charging, the longer it takes, it seems that it will naturally slow down. I don't have enough time to guarantee that this is a problem, so if the performance is consistent, I may revise my comment in the future.

  specially purchased voltrx electric protein shaker bottle for soybean meal and G fuel beverage. I think it will do well on Soylent, but its cooperation with G Fuel has left a deep impression on me. Usually, even if a protein shaker bottle is used, there will still be some gravel or clumps at the bottom of the powdered fuel. This immediately blends well, and there is almost nothing at the bottom. Even if you let it stand for a while, you still have a little, 10-second pulse in your business! Choose a set of these to let employees appreciate. This shaker bottle is great! The only question I want to ask is whether it can be a little bigger, maybe we can consider expanding the color options. My people absolutely want forest green!