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This protein shake blender motor is very powerful

by GuoxinWei on October 21, 2021


  I've been using the mixer cup blender every day for two weeks. The highlight is: excellent RPM... this thing is a monster that can pass through thicker powder. It should be noted here that most of the proteins I have used so far are mixed so strongly that the water line rises sharply. If you put everything down and cover it and mix it, it's not a big problem. Another influence of strong RPM is that it produces a lot of foam and most of my beverages. I tend to solve this problem by adding water first and then slowly pouring in protein. Without points, you must want a good motor.

  I was a little outlined by the chocolate milk mixer cup, so I chose this. I'm glad I did it. The motor is very powerful and convenient. Shaker bottle electric absolutely perfect! No overflow, no shaking, just click the button and let the electric protein shaker blenderl rotate for a minute or two! Electric mixer cup is much more expensive than ordinary bottles, but it is very worth the investment. It is definitely easier than the traditional mixer, and the inward rotating vortex can better mix the powder.

  It is much better to completely dissolve the powder than using a traditional vibrating screen (I also pre exercised in electric shaker bottle). This thing is rock! Good mixing, rechargeable, easy to carry. One of the advantages of the best electric shaker bottle is that the bottom of the cup is padded, so if the portable electric protein shaker bottle do not include this contact, you will not hear too much noise from the device. The automatic shaker bottle has a light on the motor housing. It is easy to charge with a USB charger to let you know whether the mixer electric shaker bottle is charging (red) and when it is fully charged (green). When I first tried to mix the powder with milk by hand, there was only a mess left. So I suggest buying a voltrx electric shaker bottle.